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“If there is a lack of trust, or if you are a vendor rather than a partner, then the contract is not worth the paper on which it is written” 

Kenneth Lund,
President & CEO, RadiantPS

The recipe

Contracts have been our M.O. in California for several years, and they are sweeping markets across the country as ACOs, bundled payment pilots, and capitated Medicaid programs take hold. In this paper, we’ll share 10 points we’ve learned about negotiating contracts.

In this paper you’ll get: 

  • Ways to justify share without losing your shirt
  • The tough questions they’ll ask, to help you prepare for meetings
  • A glimpse into what a day/week/month holds in store for you across multiple layers of the organization
  • Strategies for building profitable models of care, even in a dynamic healthcare environment

The bottom line

While you’ll be welcomed as a partner during negotiations, be sure to protect your business interests before you ink a deal. Get the paper and learn 10 fundamental negotiation concepts before you ever take your seat at the negotiating table.

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