“It’s a proven approach for delivering outcomes 2X more effectively and efficiently than the norm at a county, state and national level.”

Jeffrey Hay, MD


Few can imagine a 50-70% cut in skilled rates, but that’s exactly what unfolded in Southern California as ACOs and MCOs challenged the status quo. What will you do when that happens in your world?

The recipe

A simple, narrowed network, with aligned values, and a breadth of service lines is needed now more than ever in the new era of healthcare. This approach eliminates layers of management overhead the ACO/MCO would have to absorb.  The absence of ‘herding cats’ and shared values are what creates the opportunity to drive efficiency and quality.

In this paper you’ll get: 

  • Three attractive value propositions that keep referrals flowing
  • Six innovations that make the model tick
  • Six outcomes you must be ready to guarantee or watch revenue dry up
  • How to take on risk without losing your shirt

The bottom line

Change is always tough, but when competition heats up, survival depended on it.  Get the paper and read a survival success story you’ll never forget.

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