“RadiantPS experts motivate people to do extraordinary things…better than you ever thought possible.” 

CC Andrews, President & CEO,


Closing the back door of your community to seniors leaving for higher levels of care is a major challenge.  An onsite care team, while ideal in concept, is time consuming and complicated to create…and likely a line of business outside your comfort zone. 


With Radiant Personal Services, you’ll tap into a complete continuum of care professionals – ready to bring simple to sophisticated medical services right to the doorstep of your residents.  From companionship, to medication checks, to 24/7 private duty medical care—services are continuously personalized for each resident. 

  • Protect revenue – You’ll close the back door to move-outs and those requiring higher levels of care.  In the process, you’ll have created a virtual CCRC, and can market a distinct service advantage over others.
  • Zero cost to you –You’ll eliminate the hassle of finding partners, negotiating contracts, and piecing together a network yourself. A professional team will be onsite, assess needs, personalize care solutions, coordinate with family members, and begin delivering care immediately. Just steps away from your residents, they will be ready to serve. 
  • Risk transfer – You’ll leave the challenges of providing care in the capable hands of trusted professionals, helping you stay focused on your core business.
  • Target new markets – You’ll be in a position to compete with CCRCs and take on dual eligible demonstration project business like never before.  

See a sample eBrochure for residents: