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We need a different name for post-acute. Sounds like an afterthought…and it’s not anymore. Healthcare reform marks the end of the hospital-centric era of care.” 

Ken Paulus, President and CEO, Allina Health, Minneapolis, MN
As Quoted at the Health Dimensions Group National Summit, Spring 2013


The journey of a thousand steps starts with the first.  How and when do you take it?

Take the plunge

In a complimentary market review, you’ll hear straight talk from experts who’ve built a working network with one of CMS’s top ranked Pioneer ACOs.  You’ll get:

  • The top three attractive value propositions that keep referrals flowing
    • Are you delivering on each?  
  • Six innovations that make the model tick
    • What ones do you have…and are they effective?  What’s needed?
  • Six outcomes you must be ready to guarantee
    • Your numbers…do they stack up?

The bottom line

Change is always tough, but when competition heats up, you survival will depend on your ability to master it.   Ready for a meeting you’ll never forget?  

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